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Bardzo polecam wpis Irene O’Daly z medieval fragments.


By Irene O’Daly

Recently, the library of Trinity College, Dublin made their most famous manuscript, the Book of Kells free to view online. While this is a welcome move, I was disappointed by the relative lack of browsing ease that the resource facilitates. In an extensive critique, Dr Katy Rudy highlighted the failings of the website – pointing out that the resolution of the images is insufficient for in-depth examination, and that the images are not numbered by folio, making it difficult to navigate and reference the manuscript accurately. While there is no doubt that digital reproductions of manuscripts are a valuable resource for the sedentary scholar, it would seem that not all digitisation projects are created equal, nor serve their end-user with the same degree of efficiency.

The number of manuscripts available in digital format grows by the day and several variables affect their usefulness for study…

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