Digital Tools for Medieval Texts: Workshop at the Huygens ING


By Julie Somers

At the Huygens ING in The Hague, researchers and program developers convened last week to discuss the creation of tools that are intended to help all ‘scholars-at-large’ of medieval manuscripts use digital technologies in useful ways. The two-day workshop, Easy Tools for Difficult Texts: Manuscripts & Textual Tradition (18-19 April 2013) brought together projects that addressed the varieties and difficulties of managing medieval manuscripts in a digital medium. Wonderfully organized, the first day focused on Digitization and Transcription Tools for Medieval Manuscripts and Markup Tools, while the second day dealt with Editing and Publishing Texts and Browsing and Linking Texts and Corpora.[1] One of the many highlights of the workshop was the demonstration hour (ImageJ, Transcribe Bentham, TPen, EVT, Shared Canvas, eLaborate) where we could watch the tools in action, handling those difficult texts with ease. It was a nice…

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