Manuscript Road Trip: „Gilding the Lilly”

Kolejny odcinek podróży po amerykańskich kolekcjach rękopisów. Gorąco zachęcam do lektury.

Manuscript Road Trip

Blog mapAs we leave Detroit, we’re going to head south on I-69 into Indiana, passing through Indianapolis to reach Indiana University in Bloomington, just south of the state capital. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Among a generally splendid collection of pre-1600 manuscripts, The Lilly Library at Indiana  University happens to also own several of the oldest medieval manuscript leaves in the United States. One hundred of their manuscripts were recently catalogued for exhibition by Christopher de Hamel, and his catalogue, Gilding the Lilly, is definitely worth owning. In addition, most of the manuscripts have been at least partially digitized and are accessible through Digital Scriptorium. The collection is so varied that you could teach an entire semester on the history of the development of Latin script and manuscript illumination from the seventh through the fifteenth century without ever leaving the library, physically or virtually. There are only a handful of libraries in the nation for…

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