Manuscript Road Trip: An Old Friend in Iowa

W tym tygodniu Lisa Fagin Davis zabiera nas do Iowa. A w przyszłym – Nebraska. Szkoda, że o Europie ktoś tak nie pisze. Ale też byłoby to chyba nieogarnialne.

Manuscript Road Trip

As we turn south and head into Iowa, we leave the lake country behind and find ourselves in the plains of the Midwest, among the farms, big sky, and wide open spaces of the Heartland. It isn’t necessarily where most medievalists would expect to find medieval manuscripts, but if I’ve learned anything from my experiences searching for leaves and codices, it’s that they show up in unexpected places.

The 1938 de Ricci Census of Manuscripts in the United States and Canada lists ten manuscripts in only one public collection in Iowa (see Census I:717-724): the Davenport Public Library (the manuscript listed as belonging to the State University of Iowa is said by de Ricci to have been „recently mislaid”).  Blog map

The manuscripts in the Census listed as belonging to the Davenport Public Library had been bequeathed in 1931 by the estate of Charles August Ficke (1850-1931), the former Mayor of Davenport, successful financier…

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