Training School: Creation and Use of Medieval Textual Corpora (16-24 Sep. 2014)

Creation and Use of Medieval Textual Corpora
16th-24th september 2014
Ciutadella, Menorca (Spain)

Scientific programme: Bruno BON (CNRS-IRHT, France), Krzysztof NOWAK (IJP-PAN, Poland). Local organiser : Susanna ALLÉS TORRENT (CSIC-IMF, Barcelona).

Teachers : Renaud ALEXANDRE (France), Maciej EDER (Poland), Alain GUERREAU (France), Nicolas PERREAUX (France), Bénédicte PINCEMIN (France).

The COST “Medioevo Europeo” ( Working Group 3
(Dictionaries and texts) is organising a six-day training school that will provide an introduction to
the creation and use of textual corpora in the historical and linguistic research.
This summer school is intended for all students and researchers working on medieval textual data,
with a (limited) knowledge of IT tools. The purpose of our training school is to show, in theory
and practice, how to assemble, encode and analyse digitised medieval texts.

The first day will provide an overview of the Linux environment, and will be followed…

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