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Ukazał się nowy numer Digital Philology (vol. 1, n. 2, Fall 2012).

Temat przewodni stanowią tym razem teksty badające powiązania między pobożnością a emocjami w średniowieczu (Devotion and Emotions in the Middle Ages).

Tom zawiera siedem studiów na powyżej wspomniany temat, studium poświęcone rękopisom (Variance Uncovered and Errors Explained: An Analysis of Nítíða saga in the Seventeenth-Century Icelandic Manuscript js 166 fol. autorstwa Sheryl McDonald), a także trzy recenzje projektów online:

:: Cantigas Medievais Galego-Portuguesas :: (rec. Henry Berlin)

:: PhiloBiblon :: (rec. Francisco Gago-Jover)

:: Online Froissart Project :: (rec. Marjorie Burghart)

Dostęp możliwy poprzez :: Project Muse ::

Na oraz w liście mailngowej trafiłem na call for papers czasopisma Digital Philology. A Journal of Medieval Cultures. Wspominałem o nim :: tutaj ::

Podaję informację za otrzymanym mailem:

„Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Cultures

Call for Submissions, 2014 and 2015 Open Issues

Digital Philology is a new peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of medieval vernacular texts and cultures. Founded by Stephen G. Nichols and Nadia R. Altschul, the journal aims to foster scholarship that crosses disciplines upsetting traditional fields of study, national boundaries and periodizations. Digital Philology also encourages both applied and theoretical research that engages with the digital humanities and shows why and how digital resources require new questions, new approaches, and yield radical results. The Johns Hopkins University Press publishes two issues of Digital Philology per year. One is open to all submissions, while the other one is guest-edited, and revolves around a thematic axis.

Contributions may take the form of a scholarly essay or focus on the study of a particular manuscript. Articles must be written in English, follow the 3rd edition (2008) of the MLA style manual, and be between 5,000 and 7,000 words in length, including footnotes and list of works cited. Quotations in the main text in languages other than English should appear along with their English translation.

Digital Philology is welcoming submissions for its 2014 and 2015 open issues. Inquiries and submissions (as a Word document attachment) should be sent to, addressed to the Managing Editor (Albert Lloret). Digital Philology also publishes manuscript studies and reviews of books and digital projects. Correspondence regarding manuscript studies may be addressed to Jeanette Patterson at jlp4[at]princeton[dot]edu. Correspondence regarding digital projects and publications for review may be addressed to Timothy Stinson at tlstinson[at]gmail[dot]com.


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